Write a website in the era of social networks

This is strange? Not fashionable? Not efficient? Not relevant? It seems so. Why write something on the site, if you can make a post on social media, add hashtags and a certain pool of guests will immediately appear on your post, start liking and even express their opinion. Writing on social media is simple and easy. And there are still pictures and photos. And next to you is a showcase and a feed of a million other similar bloggers. And everyone is constantly posting something in order to attract attention, interest, ingratiate themselves, “make friends”, and then, in the meantime, sell their service or another digital product.

Well, or you can just take pictures of trees and cats, write thoughts about life, complain about fate and dream that you are the Neo from the Matrix, the chosen person who is about to either start saving the world, or will definitely save it, or to the extreme, it will simply become a readable, liked and simply well-browsed (read “respected”) member of the Internet. I imagined this member of the Internet so-so – he sits on a chair with a soft bottom, concentratedly pokes the smartphone screen on the keyboard, loads another photo with a short story. And this member is quite pleased with himself.

Here I immediately recall the soil forum, which I ruled in 2003 (how many years ago ???). And you will laugh, I still run a forum, or rather even forums. The Internet is a strange thing – here, as in life, all eras are combined: sites, forums, chats, social networks, metauniverses, crypto-crap and what will happen next, deepfake avatars and, hello, Matrices. Adults (like my age) quarrel on Facebook, trendy people are on social media, tik-tok and odnoklassniki cover most of the other social needs, depending on age and character. Who was in LiveJournal, flows into Zen. Rocked YouTubers write in the community.

So who and why is running website today? I remember there was a time when most bloggers (those old vanilla ones from the 2010s), along with YouTube or Twitter, always had (and actually ran) their own website. They wrote recipes for cupcakes, shared photos of bubbletea and purchases afer their salary, whined about relationships and philosophized about existence. The farther, the less often the posts came out (well, like mine, approximately). And if you think about it, today in 2022 it’s not at all easy to understand why you need to maintain your website, for which, for a minute, you have to pay! It’s like if you registered on social media, and they started withdrawing 100 rubles a month from your card.

And why does the goat need a button accordion, you ask? If they don’t read you for 100 rubles a month on social media, then why on earth do you think to recoup your site? Well, or you’ll just pay for it and that’s it. And sit back and enjoy. A beautiful name, put a template, became an author on his site. So what’s next? Well, yes, reputation. Well, it looks nice. It’s just that earlier (before social networks and blog platforms) there was really no place to write your nonsense. And all computer thinkers made websites for themselves. And now I’m writing to the site and I understand that you won’t get any views on the article, or likes. Maybe, of course, someone will write a comment, but only the one who really cares. After all, writing comments on the site requires effort, this is a matter after which it’s time to go to rest.

Weird and pleasant at the same time. You sit like in a house, and this house is much more “mine” than the one in which I physically sit. Here you can hide from the abusive life, whine, speculate. This house is also shaky, like a tiny tent on top of a mountain, nailed with pegs from five ends, heeling under the gusts of cold winds. But for now it’s worth it. Holding on. And this is not Tik Tok, which can be blocked for any sneeze, and not social media and YouTube – digital states where numbers determine everything, even if you do not agree with it. Can I have a new feature – a button to turn off all numbers in social networks? Imagine what it might look like.

What? Has everyone become equally cool? Or just the same. It is not clear from whom to buy advertising and how to evaluate it? Whom to consider important and who to fanate? Whose mind is smarter, whose dog is cuter, whose husband is richer, whose life is better? No, we are against it. Give us the numbers back. May I know what to strive for, and may this world appreciate me. I’m good. Exactly as 56 likes. And my life was a success… for 2701 subscribers. And I’m rich with 500 views. And loved for all 100 rubles from advertising. And I achieved all this in just 13 posts. Giza.

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