YouTube Introductory Trailer Video

To promote your channel on youtube it is recommended to make an introductory trailer video. This video should be short (recommended 1-3 minutes long) and catchy. After all, this is an introductory video as an advertisement of your channel for new visitors. Each visitor to your YouTube channel who is not subscribed to you will see an introductory video as it is automatically played on the channel page.

As soon as you

become a YouTube blogger, Google will advise you to improve and optimize your channel. An introductory trailer video will certainly be among these recommendations. A trailer video or channel trailer is a short story about you and your channel or a bright enticement. This video should be very unusual, should reflect your personality.

As soon as I started my youtube channel, I recorded my first introductory trailer video. At that moment it seemed to me that it perfectly reflects the essence of my channel and was very attractive. You can see that my first trailer came out quite long and not very dynamic. Subsequently, I removed this trailer, because it no longer met my needs.

Now I am convinced that the introductory trailer video should be short, vibrant, informative and fun. The important thing is to show yourself in it as real and different. Let people know what they can get from subscribing to your channel. To hear your voice, see your face, feel the energy and style features of your channel.

I would advise you to make a test intro video at the very beginning of the YouTube channel. Put it out, see the reaction. Wait for a while, comprehend this is the first experience. And after that, when you yourself will feel your creativity, you will understand – what do you like about making videos, what is your style and what you do on your channel – just then you will feel the need for changes. And you will have a new trailer. And so in a spiral …

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