I am at YouTube

List of my YouTube channels is at the website: http://entr.ru

Since 2012, I film videos and run several YouTube channels. Now it has turned into my main activity, along with painting, consulting and writing texts at the websites, forums, in the media and scientific journals. While I was a PhD student and was getting my second MSc in Moscow State University, plus working as a marketing manager, I came home in the evenings and weekends and watched YouTube, fantasized that I was also shooting a video in my house – for me it was a dream job.

Now my fantasy has turned into reality. I became a “full-time youtuber”, although I do not consider video blogging as my job or career. Shooting video has become my lifestyle, an integral part of me. I really love my job, and I’m very glad that I’m not the only one! Igroglaz – my friend, ally and bear – is a co-author and co-host, an inspirer and companion, critic and fan of everything I make on YouTube (and not only).

A few interesting facts about me and YouTube:

  • My first profession – soil scientist agronomist;
  • There is a home video studio in my flat;
  • The walls are painted for the chromakey / bluescreen;
  • I film videos every day without days off;
  • Once I shot more than 20 videos a day (in Japan);
  • I won international scientific video contest;
  • My scientific research: social media and YouTube;
  • We rule more than 50 YouTube channels, incl. 100k+

List of my YouTube channels is at the website: http://entr.ru