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«Things are beautiful if you love them!»


I am cat, Shtuky (aka Shtukensia) — I live in the internet. The pseudonym Shtukensia [Shtou-keen’-siya] means ~ thingy or cutie girl in Russia. Here I publish stories about my life, blogs, my poetry, books and thoughts. I write for several websites at the internet, including my art website , where I publish my paintings and illustrations.

Since 2012 I film videos, rule several YouTube channels. It became my full-time activity. When I was at my PhD study in Moscow University I’ve been watching youtubers and dream to be filming videos at my house — it was my “dream job”.

Since then I was working for 5 years in marketing analytics and teaching at the university, living 2 years in the Netherlands for PhD, defended my dissertation. At least I dropped everything to find myself. And now I became freelance blogger-artist.

Tangar igroglaz – my friend and Bear – he is not only our ideas inspirer, but also supports me always and in everything.

A few interesting facts about me:

  • My first profession is soil scientist-agronomist;
  • I defended PhD in Biological Science;
  • The author of the best study in topic of trust;
  • Self-taught artist and illustrator since my 30s;
  • Won the international scientific video competition;
  • “Women-innovator on YouTube” in Google-project;
  • I have got home video studio in my flat;
  • I film videos every day without days off;
  • Once I shot more than 20 videos a day (in Japan);
  • I won international scientific video contest;
  • We rule more than 50 YouTube channels, incl. 2x100k+;
  • My videos have been watched over 100 million times;
  • I wrote the book “Algorithm of Success on YouTube”.

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