How I became a blogger

2024 – make sketches on “Shtukensia” channel 

2022 – made my course and wrote a book “Algorithm for success on YouTube”

2020 – received the first silver YouTube button (award for 100k subscribers)

2015 – invited to the Google office to participate in blogging events

2013 – decided to become a full-time blogger and quit my corporate job 

2012 – posted my first video while studying in graduate school (PhD) and working as a marketing analyst

2007 – created a YouTube channel being a student at the Faculty of Soil Science at Moscow State University

What else do I do

My art
All my YouTube channels

Unexpected facts about me

  • two diplomas with honors from Moscow State University (soil science and management)
  • PhD in Biology
  • “Woman Innovator on YouTube” by Google
  • almost 20 years together with Медведь Игроглаз
  • self-taught artist since 30 years old
  • won an international video competition
  • guest speaker in the Netherlands, Japan
  • 4 YouTube buttons for 100k+ subscribers