Israel – life in a new country

Israel is an amazing country. Small, cosy, diverse – there is snow and desert, the lowest point on land (the shore of the Dead Sea) and mountains where even in summer a cool wind blows.

Living in Israel as a repatriate is great happiness and a sea of adventure. If you are a descendant of a Jewish woman, you can get Israeli citizenship and 40+ benefits upon arrival!

You know what the weirdest thing is — 9 months in Israel is like half a lifetime in terms of intensity, I was moving to a new city, a new place to live every week. The traffic, the road, the new neighbours. I’ll be processing the impressions for years! But some things have already settled in the asset.

I’ve learnt:

🔹️search cheap short-term accommodation
🔹️bargaining, even if it seems inappropriate.
🔹️live today and don’t worry about tomorrow
🔹️ to understand Hebrew intuitively, as the language itself I know so far on the level of Shabbat Shalom
🔹️ to save a lot of money and still have everything – from avocados to hangers and new clothes

Another funny thing: there are special bins for clothes that stand on the rubbish dump – where people tear down unwanted clothes and shoes. So 90% of my wardrobe now is from these bins 😅 and many things are brand new, with tags. Here people have a high standard of living, and things are taken out in good condition.

And the local Israeli women can be so beautiful, you can’t believe your self-esteem! But I also started to look better — I lost weight, my skin became more even, light tan, and muscles. I didn’t notice how made my shape, and now I can walk up the mountain to the shop and back, even in the daytime when it’s hot. The main thing is not to forget an umbrella from the sun.

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