Envy, projection, ranking

It is very important to learn to distinguish three frequent types of people’s reactions in communication – envy, projection and power struggle. In real life they are somewhat similar: a person can label you with the words “fool” or “dumb”, you may get a bucket of comparisons with something that is considered offensive in the public mind, the phrases “you do not understand anything”, “you still small ‘,’ you are outdated ‘and many others.

Sometimes it is difficult to understand – you are envious of a person, he projects on you his inner world or competes. To better understand, let’s set some input conditions for the development of such reactions. I do not claim to create an exhaustive list, just list some of them.

Where does envy come from?

  • The other has something that I desire, but I do not have.

Where does the projection come from?

  • The other reminds me of someone close to me, like a reflection in a mirror.

Where does the power struggle (ranking) come from?

  • I believe in the hierarchy of society and either I do not know my place in the hierarchy, or my place does not suit me.

The dark sides of human souls have a vivid expression. I will make a selection of phrases corresponding to different reactions, based on comments under my videos on YouTube.

Examples of jealous phrases:

  • I’m glad that you have money for this;
  • Yes you just got lucky;
  • And how you were invited there, no skin, no faces, no talent
  • Why spend such big money on this;
  • Appearance is mediocre, not a beauty, only freak likes you;
  • Your lips are too big.

Projection examples:

  • He will leave you;
  • And you will live in poverty
  • With this appearance people don’t shoot video, go find a job, before it’s too late, in a couple of years you will not be needed by anyone;
  • You have obvious problems with your head, you will end up in a psychiatric hospital
  • Everyone turned away from you, if you will need help, no one will help;
  • You will get sick, but you do not even have money to go to the dentist;
  • If you do not give birth this year, your husband will find a young and healthy.

Examples of competition:

  • I did not hear anything such stupid in my life, it’s nothing surprising – you’re a woman;
  • Are you an infantile autistic, talking with people at least once?
  • Screwed subscribers, and low views, I’m even better off;
  • Who gave the word to you, close your mouth and remove your channel
  • And this man studied in the University, what you were taught there, can’t see..

By what signs do you understand that someone envies you, projects their fears on you or tries to compete? How do you behave at such moments?

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