How I take care of myself

You’re right that I look better in Israel – my skin is glowing and refreshed. What do I do for that? My self-care is very simple and available to everyone, I don’t use any expensive products or fancy rejuvenation procedures. What I do every day – it’s just called “healthy lifestyle”. And in Israel, I have become even healthier because of the mountainous terrain, a lot of sun and fruits.

Everyone has probably heard about the benefits of healthy sleep, walking outdoors, a stress-free life, physical activity, good food, etc. But every time it seems that there is some other secret – a miracle cream or beauty shots that will turn you into a beautiful woman in a second. And it seems that you understand that it’s nothing, but all the same you buy masks and scrubs and occasionally rub them in the hope to wake up with a clean glowing skin.

So my self-care consists of no care. I have no creams for any part of my body, no masks, scrubs, gels, tonics, lotions, or anything else called care cosmetics. Not because I don’t like it (yes, I do!). It’s just because we’re constantly moving and trying to keep things to a minimum, and I just don’t need all this skincare stuff.

And this is what really made me beautiful:
✅ daily walks in the mountains for several hours
✅ a variety of homemade foods (vegetables, fruit, chicken, fish)
✅ going to bed at 11 a.m., getting up at 7 a.m., getting enough sleep, airing out the house
✅ try to be calm, even if I have reasons to be stressed
✅ drink plenty of clean water (from bottles or after a filter)
✅ I do not drink sugary drinks, sodas, coffee, tea or alcohol

It turned out to be so convenient not to put on makeup or rinse off makeup; to wash my face when I wash my hair; and when I sweat from hiking uphill, my pores cleanse themselves. Moisturize through a glass of water. And nutrition through a salad of avocado and nuts. I’m beginning to think that the whole self-care industry isn’t just a big fraud, but also an element of fashion, of belonging to an “elite” that repeats meaningless beauty rituals one after another.

When was the last time you had a “self-care without care”?

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