How to understand what I want

Do you live from the word “should” rather than from the word “want”? When you do humdrum things, you get bogged down in doing things, and what you really want for yourself is hard to understand? Let me tell you how I live my life. My motto since childhood has been ‘what I want, what I will’. I only do what I want to do. And how do I know what I want now? Very simply. I look around and look for things in the world that hook me. And if nothing hooks me, that’s fine. Then there’s nothing around that I want. I just have to look somewhere else in new places – on the internet, in a shop, on the street, on the phone, at the cinema, on social media, etc. And if you don’t feel like looking and searching for anything? It is also okay. Then it is possible to do anything until you want something. And to want something – sometimes it is enough to sleep, take a walk, eat, go for a shower. You shut your body’s basic needs, and there’s something curious looming on the horizon.

The conclusion is simple: if you live your life on a need-to-know basis all the time, you either don’t find your desires in the world. And even more likely, you know perfectly well what you want. But you’re afraid to appropriate your desire. If you say “I want attention”! Then you have to think about how to get it. Or “I want to go to the sea”! Okay. And how do you get there? People get used to denying those desires that seem unattainable, difficult, inaccessible. And yes, it’s obvious that not everything you can want, you can get. And that’s okay. You can want to be tall and actually be short. You can want to go to Mars, but you never get to be an astronaut. The funny thing is, it doesn’t matter if you can get what you want or not. The main thing is to try, to do something in the direction of your desires. If it doesn’t work out, the hell with it! You may not even want it tomorrow. But when you go for your desires, life becomes bright and cheerful, easy and interesting.

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