Relocation and its consequences

I came to Israel 7 months ago. Considering that I didn’t come alone (but with my IT-husband) and not “with my bare ass” – good education, free English, money cushion, some kind of passive income… Everyone saw how many difficulties we encountered – from finding accommodation at an adequate price, to arranging documents, the new language, the climate, everyday life and other peculiarities.

The most frequent question I’ve been asked is “tell me honestly, do you like it there?” And what can I say: for a while, anything new is fun and feels like an adventure. Israel is a distinctive, vibrant country, we drove all over it, it was thrillingly good. But it does not cancel the fact that I miss every day our house (for which we do not have to pay rent!), the dacha with nature, the delicious things from the shop (cheap!!!) and the understandable background to life. I still don’t understand where I want to live… Where I can live.

To be safe and happy, to go to a McDuck once a month (like when I was a kid), to not have to jump out of my trousers to pay for housing and food and to have enough of my income from blogging. So I could avoid reading the news for weeks (as it wouldn’t affect my life). As the saying goes… “bring back my 2019”. But if you go back in time, it’s back to covid… And everything else. Nah… f*ck it, this past! I’ll try to wait for the bright future, when the world will be quiet again. Can anyone tell me how long that’s gonna be?

And to sum it up in numbers, relocation to Israel is MINUS $2000 monthly (considering loss of jobs, accounts and local expenses). Previously we’ve been saving, but so far it’s not even “at zero”.

Of course, we can talk about the pros – the ability to get local wages (which on average are quite high… but you still have to go find your own warm place!), the availability of McDuck, the overall high standard of living. But we are talking about reality – if you are a free artist with monetization turned off, then the moving is quite expensive.

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