My successes and failures over the year

Hi, I’m Shtuky. A blogger who managed to live on passive income from youtube before monetization of views from Russia was turned off. Now I’ve come to Israel and am trying to figure out my new life.


Gaps (good thing they’re not in memory). I will start with them. It feels like the whole year has been a failure. But feelings often mislead us and prevent us from seeing the main thing – I am still writing this post, alive, healthy and still quite good looking. It is still important to celebrate the failures in order to admire how resiliently and cheerfully I overcame my difficulties in life.

Failure 1: dejection

From time to time I would get depressed with a sense of hopelessness and despair, and it felt like everything was in vain and nothing was going to work out. I stopped believing in myself. In what I was doing. Worried about loss. It seemed that all the best was left in the past and that things would only get worse in the future. Thinking about it made me sick. I cried a lot. Pitying myself. I didn’t want to do anything.

Failure 2: envy

What triggered me the most was that some people were poorly affected by the shutdown of monetisation on YouTube. After all, for me it was a personal tragedy – 10 years of my life invested in my blogs with the expectation of monetisation as a passive income. And it was working great. And then at one point, my money stream from YouTube was cut off. Bloggers with other ways of making money started to piss me off.

Failure 3: overeating

I began to eat my sorrows with the cheapest biscuits and quickly put on eight kilos. My favourite trousers torn on me. I got pimples on my face. I didn’t even want to make a video at one point because I thought I looked too bad. And I didn’t always have the energy to exercise in the morning. I thought about writing texts and not going out in public with my face.

Failure 4: the camera

This is a fresh one. Just the other day I “burned” my camera on my main $1500 blogger’s phone. Apparently I was shooting something in the sun and the rays hit the lens badly, as a result the camera is now shooting with a black spot. I’m not even really upset, apparently it’s the lesser of two evils. But for shooting video, of course, it’s not good at all.

Success 1: Adaptation

I have fully recovered, I am used to my new circumstances, I am eating and dressing better. I am making videos, writing posts, learning new things.

Success 2: a new beginning

Introducing new formats and approaches to blogging. Experimenting and learning every day. I’m rebuilding my stuff, YouTube-channels, websites.

Success 3: Israel

Collected the documents for repatriation and came to Israel. In six months I travelled all over the country. Found a flat, a desk, clothes and a niche.

Success 4: Passive income

Realised my strenth as a blogger – passive monetisation of videos. Implemented new blogging ways of passive income.

That’s the kind of wonderful Cat I am (praise myself for every sneeze!)

And how are you doing?

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