The most useful skills in life

Two honours degrees from Moscow State University, a PhD, and a lifelong learner. And these are the most useful skills that help me achieve my goals and be happy:

✅ reading quickly.
✅ blind typing
✅ English
✅ searching the internet
✅ passive income

The only thing I need to be happy is the opportunity to do the things I love. Passive income gives me that opportunity. It’s not really a skill, but rather a purposeful thing – to organise myself for the money that comes from past achievements, so that I don’t have to work. That is why I realised pretty quickly that work is not my thing.

✅ Being able to stop in time

These two books taught me another important skill: the ability to stop in time and to stop doing things that are not interesting. If you started reading a book, the first pages grabbed your attention, but then you got bored – you recognised the pattern and the main ideas. Being able to value your time and put your interest above convention – isn’t that what leads to happiness?

✅ reading a book every day

I learnt this as a child, even though many books bored me, but the skill is to read something all the time, to have a book on the table with a bookmark that you are currently interested in. That’s how people develop and get smarter. It is the only way. Because reading good books is entertainment, but it is also intellectual.

I only read good books – either classics, scientific literature or textbooks. Everything else I don’t read, I flip through. I don’t have much time to waste on nonsense. I’d rather reread a great book again, because reading is entertainment. I get new information simply by searching, in articles or through AI.

Bottom line: you become a creepy nerd, but it makes life easier and more fun.

What have you got in common?

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