Why did you have to study so much?

Two honours degrees from Moscow State University, a PhD, a huge stack of certificates and certificates. And what did all this get me?

People often ask me: “Why did you need all that? Was it necessary to try so hard and get all these diplomas in order to then live the way you do. To do what you do. To be a blogger, to search for yourself – you didn’t have to study anywhere at all, and you could come to Israel at any time without education under the repatriation programme.

So what’s the point? Are you happy, having it all? There are plenty of people who are much more successful – financially, in their business, they have children and normal jobs – and they have no education at all or have been educated somewhere “in the backyard”. It’s dangerous to talk to someone like you – she’s too abstruse. It is better for a girl to be simpler, so life, family, and children can work out. And you will end up with your diplomas and no one needs them.

The answer to these questions is very simple – this is my life and it was so. Why? What can we know about it? Our life takes shape one way or another. At one point I wanted to go to University, that was my dream. Then I wanted to find a job – I was happy to come to the office. Then I dreamed of defending my PhD and getting married. To work from home. To write a book. Going to study abroad. Become a blogger.

My mission: “to live happily by fulfilling my dreams and inspire people by my example”.

How does my education, degree, different skills help me in this? First of all, I don’t know if all these things help me in life or not. It’s just a result – dreams that I have fulfilled for myself. I wanted to, I aspired to, now I have it. Does it make me happy? Of course it does! It’s exactly what I needed. It’s nice to have something in your life that you wanted.

Secondly, I don’t look at my dreams in a utilitarian way – like “this degree will get me a good job, and this job will get me money to buy the house I’m going to grow old in”. For me, dreams are valuable in and of themselves – I wanted to study at Moscow State University, so I am studying. And this is not a stepping stone to a good job – it is a dream in itself. I don’t build my life line logically – from point A to point B, from kindergarten to the cemetery. I prefer to enjoy what’s pleasing me right now.

Conclusion: I might not have studied if I didn’t want it at that point in my life and I didn’t have that dream. The fact that I dream about atypical things is just a characteristic of my personality.

What has your education given you?

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  1. Zi Gérard says:

    Israël IS a special country !, Israel has a lot of star-ups in a lot of fields, it’s good for graduates, but you need a well-constructed project to appreciate the possibilities of the country because success is never achieved everywhere without a good idea and a certain luck and a lot of work

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