The war in Israel. How am I doing?

Out of the fire and into the fire. Moving. Emergency change of flat. Left without things and warm food, and suddenly made new friends. Don’t have a hundred things, have three neighbors. And now I have a stove, a microwave, a huge table and four computer chairs. I’m sitting on the balcony, it’s sunny, +25C. Something buzzes in one ear or the other. They are flying.

There are many other things that are possible here. You get dressed and furnished with new things “from the street”, and people can also feed you. The first fear from the beginning of the war, running to the bomb shelter. The siren howls. Under a huge blue sky, cats scurry from bowl to bowl. They got chicken wings and three cans of canned fish.

I live in a dream house with a view to the forest and mountains. Eating kohlrabi (looks like cabbage pokeweed), zucchini, and feijoa. All found outside. I will grow tangerine, grapefruit and pomegranates. The garden in Israel is a shelf of exotics. In Russia we pickle cucumbers, and here – olives. If I have a house, I will plant mangoes, avocados and peaches. And an orange tree for an appetizer.

Sunshine, fresh mountain air and warm weather. It took me two weeks to figure out how to live in Israel during the war. What to do, where to hide, where to get news from. Where to get food and how not to confuse a thunderstorm with a rocket attack. If I see lightning, it means it’s gonna boom, but it’s natural.

Some news:

  • I cut my hair with manicure scissors
  • my diplomas will be validated in about a year
  • in a month, I’ll have my 5-year darcon

Life in Israel is different in many ways from life in Russia or in the Netherlands. That’s why it’s so interesting to run the channel

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2 Responses to The war in Israel. How am I doing?

  1. Gérard says:

    It wasn’t really the right time to move to Israel. The war will end but the trauma will remain and the threat still present.

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