What’s going on in Israel?

Now if anyone asks about my business – I’ll just send this photo:

Fowl. Good cuisine

I’m doing okay personally, I’m in Israel. I moved. Israel was attacked from Gaza. The war started. I was looking at tickets to Moscow a couple days before and they were cheap. I thought I’d go. But then the tickets went up to 150,000, and I changed my mind a bit. In fact, there the story was more complicated – as we decided to urgently move from the border to a safer place. But the fact remains, I went from Special War Operation in Russia to the war in Israel. And there are rockets flying. And I was running away from them to a neighbor’s bomb shelter.

More precisely, like… at the first sirens, I simply hid under the stairs. I already started running away when I settled in a little. The public bomb shelter was equipped with internet, a refrigerator and a TV. The living conditions there are almost better than in my hut – okay, I have beds, but there are only mattresses, but otherwise it’s quite powerful. I even thought about moving to live in a miclat (that’s what shelter is called in Hebrew) – savings and safety. But I still decided to stay at home; I have a very comfortable work desk here.

I have an issue with registration. I wanted to change my address, but the bureaucracy told me emphatically, “Noway”. I wrote, I walked, I even traveled and printed various pieces of paper. As a result, I am registered in the place where I was last a year ago, and I’m unlikely to even find this place without a navigator. But I live in a pine forest, where there are wild… no, not monkeys, but foxes and jackals. They say there is still a porcupine here. But to see it, you need to walk at dusk along the unknown paths of our mountain forest. Which in these times, I don’t think is the best idea.

Among my finds: a new top, colored pastels (for drawing), Ikea bed linen and a bunch of free fruit from neighboring gardens. And also a jump rope – not to chase my husband, but to relieve stress after the alarm siren. As an introvert, it was very scary for me to run into a house with strangers and hide in their mamada (secure room). The theory of probability is on my side; in theory, the chance of being harmed directly by a missile in our case is minimal.

Greetings from Israel. Everything will definitely get better here! I’m already starting to prepare for winter. Today I ate sauerkraut for dinner and keep a pack of warm socks on hand. It’s still warm now, +25C, but winter is coming. It turns out that it seems to be “harsh”, but the cuisine is good.

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  1. Gérard says:

    We must stay safe with the bear, the conflict will be long, there are definitely conflicts everywhere! good luck to both of you

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