My Darkon was canceled in Israel

No, I am not being kicked out of Israel.

The fact is that, as a new Israeli citizen, I initially had a darkon (foreign passport) for a year. To obtain a 5-year passport, you need to have a year pass from receiving citizenship (and be in Israel 75% of the time).

I went to exchange the first dakon for the second. It’s great that it’s free, because… is considered an extension. The passport will be ready within 6 weeks, and it will be delivered by courier to my home. The old passport was canceled by cutting off the corners.

So for the next month and a half I won’t be able to go anywhere and will live in Israel. In principle, I’m not really going anywhere, but it’s nice to have a passport with which you can fly to Europe and Asia without visas. Now they have also made visa-free travel with the USA, but this requires a 10-year Darkon, which I can get in 5 years.

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  1. Gérard says:

    Without paper, no freedom !

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