2020 goals

I don’t remember that I set specific goals for the year last year. I had some intermediate tasks that I should start with analyzing. For past periods, I planned:

  • finish a book about YouTube;
  • income> 5 $ / month from each site alchnost.com, shtukensia.com, 9go.ru;
  • for each YouTube channel post a video at least once a month;
  • get new driver’s license;
  • collect todo lists and ideas, add them to a file;
  • breadcrumbs on the site;
  • put up paintings for sale;
  • write weekly posts to sites.

These were not goals for the year, as I set them throughout the year. But for convenience, I noted those that are already covered. I’m not a big fan of setting goals specifically for the year exactly at the beginning of the year, usually winter is rather sleepy time for me, I’m not so active in something. And there are not so many goals. But why not write down what is in your head right now?

2020 goals:

  • finish a python book;
  • create an app;
  • display agricultural data on the site;
  • finish a book on YouTube;
  • two scientific articles;
  • make photos for posts;
  • translate posts into English;
  • draw every week;
  • make merch;
  • buy a laptop;
  • earn> $ 1000 / month.

If you think about it, then many of the goals can not be called global. I already went through the half of python book in a month and a half. So for a year this is not difficult to do. The same is for other purposes. Each individually seems quite simple and feasible. Therefore, I do not like to set goals for the whole year, I think a little differently. I like to keep in mind the immediate goals for a week, a month, two. And to plan for the whole year … well donno.

I roughly imagine my year. It is unlikely to be very different from the previous ones. Most likely in the spring for the period of a bear’s allergy, we will go somewhere to travel for a couple of months. Before the trip, we’ll buy a laptop. In summer and autumn we will be engaged in science. Gradually, I will write posts, shoot videos, draw, write books. Everything is as usual. For me, this mode has already become a routine, which I really like.

Do you set goals for a year? It turns out to implement them?

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