2020 targets: outcomes and failures

Well, in general, it’s time to take make summary, as I’m too tired to hurry somewhere else and run. It’s the end of the year, or is it just burnout… For three months I did a VidCourse on YouTube, which ate all the time and made me very happy.

And somehow in between times I wrote a book, which I will tell you about a little later, as it comes out.

Here are all the goals that at the time of writing the last post have not yet been completed – let’s cross out or write progress:

  • to finish a book on python – 40%;
  • create a pharmacy – 0%;
  • bring agricultural data to the site – 0%;
  • finish a book on YouTube;
  • translate posts into English (Shtukentia website) – 20%;
  • make merchandise – 0%;
  • make your own mask on Instagram – 0%;
  • 1000 followers on instagram 2 – 50%;
  • 5000 on my Instagram – 60%;
  • update all YouTube channels – 60%;
  • three complete pieces on the piano.

Total: well, everything is fine. Half of the goals are no longer relevant at all, or simply not up to it now. I would like to master programming better, but when I dive into python, there is no time for the rest. I want everything at once, but something comes out in places and then in a turtle way.

Goals for 2021 and beyond:

  • to make a merch (that’s right now!);
  • update thumbs presets (fonts);
  • finish learning a book on python (output agricultural data to the site, create an apk, make your own mask on instagram);
  • translate posts into English (Shtukensia website);
  • finish book “Virus Jump”;
  • earn $ 1,500 / month on YouTube.
  • obtain Israeli citizenship (repatriation);
  • a book or course about baking;
  • choose a place for my home;
  • buy land;
  • build a house.
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