Israel – moving again

In Israel, everything is complicated and simple at the same time – Schrodinger’s cat dualism.

On the one hand you have all your documents and you are technically a local. On the other hand, you rente little box for $700 in the village, and for six months you can’t get used to the prices in the store (everything is terribly expensive!).

🔹️ It is very difficult to find decent housing for an adequate price
🔹️ Renting an apartment is a real challenge (a bonded contract for a year, checks, guarantees, etc.)
🔹️ In short-term rentals, you have to move all the time and look for new rental options

Feel like a “migrant” in the peak season, when even buckwheat (which locals do not eat) because of the large number of ours is increasing in price.

What’s easy in Israel?

✅️ To be happy because I was able to find a cool new place to live for 2 months to wait for my dream home, which will be available in September (hopefully)

Answers to questions

💬 Why don’t you settle down in one place, why do you keep moving?

For the first six months I traveled around Israel to see where I would like to live. Before that I had been to Israel as a child and didn’t really know what different places in the country looked like.

As soon as I realized that I wanted to live in the north of Israel, I started looking for the best place and housing already in those places. I found a studio, but it was available for a while, and now the lease is ending at the end of the month. And I will be moving north too, until September.

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