Stack for the day

Woke up, exercise, a glass of yogurt and three Yubileyniy cookies. This was enough to shoot three videos. And then I deflated like a balloon on the fifth day after my birthday. The tension in my throat from vigorous ranting is adjacent to the tension in my shoulders and neck, as if from above I was pressed not by a column of atmospheric air, but by a monolithic slab with a pile of unsolved problems. Shake my head left and right, shake my shoulders, exorcise the depressant demons. Phew, it got easier.

And life, it seems to be nothing bad. It’s just that for every day only a stack of chips is allotted, which you can spend as you like, but as soon as you put the last chip on the field with the name “blog writing” – that’s it, dear, done writing and be healthy, go for a walk, eat there, watch movie. You won’t get more use from you, only if you don’t pick up a couple of chips on the street, suddenly someone dropped it or you get supplies from the stash from the closet. It seemed like there is a whole day, but I have less and less chips.

Where to take them? How much? Who? I need more chips! Maybe there is some kind of cheat? Or where are the chip deposits? Or maybe without chips you can do things somehow, huh? Well, at least something must be, where such stupid rules come from?! I have the whole day, it’s too early to sleep, it’s late to go back, you need to crawl further. But why is everything so slow and sad without chips, and new ones will appear only in the morning? I’m writing this and I think it all sounds strange. After all, these chips do not even exist in reality – but this does not make them any less real.

Someone calls it energy, someone calls it motivation, a natural fuse or fullness of vitality. But I only have a stack for my day. And you can lay out the chips to the right and left, scatter and invest in something unimportant. But sooner or later I will still be left with my trough filled with candy wrappers from my chips. And where we find ourselves with this trough – in the circle of love or in the abyss of loneliness – will be the answer to my investment.

Where should I put my next chip? And where else to ask for a supplement? I am writing all this and, miraculously, they put a chip in my left pocket. “Is that you, Igroglaz?” – he’s walking around here. He says “no”. Well then I don’t even know. This is probably a superpower: if you put a chip on the correct field, you get half back. And the post is written 🙂 And the chips are intact. It remains to take into account your outlandish experience, so that from now on it will be more deft to replenish your stack for the day.

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