Telegram March 12-16, 2022

March 12

Here they say and you can post a video🧐

I don’t even know what to post here: food recipes or programming lessons🤨 When I have 50 channels on YouTube on various topics, I understand this. But how to run one telegram channel??? AAA hlp, I already want to create a few more 😵‍💫

I went to tiktok now, and he writes to me “you can’t upload videos in your location” and I’m like “fuuuh, great, I’m just too lazy to upload tiktok right now.” Such a digital detox at the maximum.

March 13

The movie that became our meme: Don’t look up. The series that “started so well”: Raised by Wolves (watching now)

O! I connected telegram to the keyboard, now things will go faster than poking at the phone screen. Still, I am a signet person, since childhood I loved the sound of buttons. Back in the 90s, I already typed something on a real typewriter, and then with my eyes closed I wrote letters to my friend on the Nokia 3310 .. yes, this is where you have to press one button many times to select a letter 🤣

Ah .. well, so 😊 We went to a pizzeria today. A real cafe, with tables, music, visitors. You go there and everything is as usual, can you imagine?! Such a strange feeling, at first I can’t even believe it. You sit down and start smiling. It was just some kind of salvation. Although we didn’t dare to go there for a long time, it’s still expensive, and it seems like it’s not the time to roam around the cafes now. But it turned out to be the most joyful event in these two weeks! And in the evening the bear asked: “Can we eat such pizza every day, what do you think?”

Yes, we also went to the makfachnaya for the last time, about a week ago somewhere; we were still joking about “eating the last burger”. In every joke there is a share of a bear ..

@igroglaz by the way, also here, sitting writing something

Should I already delete insta and twitter apps from the screen or let them stay?🤔

March 15th

Now I don’t have to remember the last time I went to a McF**k so I don’t have to eat there too often. And it’s not I’m unpopular on insta, it’s insta unpopular here.

Рецепт домашнего творога

I posted a “farewell” video on YouTube, such videos usually gain a lot of views. True, in my case, the name should not be “I’m leaving YouTube”, but vice versa.

I went to the store today, as usual, wearing a mask, and there I see such a pretty saleswoman with bright cherry lips at the checkout, I didn’t even immediately recognize her without a rag on half her face. I asked: “What, no masks anymore?” She is pleased: “Yes,” she says, they wrote in a letter that now you can make up your lips.

Recently, I have already run into my former “classmates” twice, whom I have not seen for 10 years. The first at a notary, the second – in a bank. This is briefly about what happened in my life.

If the first meeting was just a little awkward, I immediately suspected that we studied together and remembered exactly where, and in general just a nice guy … I just forgot his damn name. I had to take it out on the go. Then for the second time, the dialogue turned out to be super freaky: me: “… hello”, she: “… hello, well, let’s hug for the sake of appearance?”

In general, it is very nice to meet pieces of the past. After all, it was great there. Even though I’m such a coward, I wouldn’t approach anyone in my life. I asked: “@igroglaz, would you come up to talk if you recognized someone?” Well, yes, he is still a talker .. And I would like a cat to look furtively at a distance.

March 16

If you can’t take your own food, don’t count on it.

This is from a series about androids and children on the planet. There the boy tried to get the nuts from the tree and could not reach, he asked the android father to help him. And he refused.

If we are talking about food .. I have a habit of buying different kitchen devices. Once I bought a food thermometer. And today, after many years of oblivion in a quiet corner of the kitchen, I took it out of the box, took it in my hand like a magic wand, it shone with a steel tip and even turned on. And then I realized why I love to cook and record it on video: it looks incredibly cool! Well, the tvorog is already in the bowl for tomorrow, waiting for a sweet morning so that I can season it with date syrup.

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