Telegram March 29-April 2, 2022

March 29

upd: I managed to solve the problem about bank card numbers using the module; let the cards themselves tyutyu, but the program works.

March 30

The first time I got upset when I found out that a foreign brand was not leaving Russia was when the chocolate that we bought for a year in advance decided to stay.

📕My book “Algorithm for success on YouTube”: is sold at the old price, and now they have free shipping. I’m not hinting at anything, just reminding everyone right now to order the coolest book as a gift for yourself and a friend.

March 31

The difference in studying programming at Moscow State University and at Harvard: in our first program you calculate a double integral, and there you draw a double pyramid from Mario.

My mood is about constant: “I see, what else? I’ll go eat a date.”

I was asked on YouTube what I will do if programming in terms of income does not work for us. And here I have a recursion in my head. After all, 10 years ago I was asked the same question, only about YouTube. I don’t know what to conclude. But the feeling is that there are at least two ways to choose what to do:
1) the path of financial guarantees (when it seems that something will definitely give a ruble);
2) the path of a curious chipmunk (when you just poke your nose into a mink, because it’s interesting there).
Yes, of course, give everyone the first, second, and compote. But in my experience, the algorithm turns out to be the following:
You stick your nose -> You beat your paws merrily for 5 years -> You dance in the rain of rubles;

April 1

Programming in C,
Order yourself a taxi.
You program in python,
carry a milk canton.
You write code in javascript,
you are a snail, not a pig.

Finally, the day has come when the news under this date looks normal.

One plus and 10 minuses of a wooden countertop at the sink:
1) wipe up water after washing dishes;
2) cover with a water-repellent coating a couple of times a year;
3) do not put hot;
4) do not hit with a sharp stuff on the surface;
5) do not cut food on the surface;
6) do not wash with aggressive solutions;
7) do not leave coloring drops on the surface (juice, beets, etc.);
8) do not rub too hard, otherwise the water-repellent coating will quickly wear off;
9) do not scratch with nails or hard sponge;
10) especially carefully wipe the place where the sink connects to the countertop, otherwise cracks will appear there.

Plus: it’s beautiful, isn’t it?

April 2

It seems that the most relevant and popular profession today is a psychologist. And here are 10 reasons to become one and one reason not to be:

1) useful for life;
2) it is easy to get an education (a lot of options, there are inexpensive and fast ones);
3) become more confident in yourself;
4) learn cool words and phrases like “cognitive dissonance”;
5) suitable for people with empathy and leadership qualities;
6) suitable for those who like to communicate with people;
7) helps to understand oneself;
8) helps to understand people better;
9) it is easy to find the first customers, especially if you do not break the price;
10) “evergreen” profession.

And minus: bored, as soon as he understood everything about myself

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